Go Forward


Infnatino Go Forward carrier- Children love swings! We all love swings! The inspiration for the carrier seat comes from the function of a swing's seat. The carrier seat transforms to a seated position, as your child grows, to fit the needs of your little one.  As your child reaches the specified weight and height, and is able face outward in the carrier, flip up the hidden panel on the waist belt to create a supported seat that allows your child to sit as if you were holding them in your arms. Or sitting in a swing! The carrier also supports a perfect “M” position with knee-to-knee seat support. As well as the back carrying position. Check out the demo video here. Link to the awesome hardware, Locking Sliders and Latch and Post for more details.


  • 4 ways to carry: facing-in (narrow seat), facing-in (wide seat), ergonomic facing-out and back pack

  • Carry children from 8-40 lbs

  • Infant to toddler - no hard to use inserts

  • Waist belt extends from 26 inches to 60 inches

  • Supportive waist belt transfers weight to wearers hips

  • Includes removable silicone teether and soft muslin hood