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Life Jackets for Learners


Concept Life Jackets for Toddlers and Youth - Learning how to swim can be fun and yet daunting. There are many life jackets and flotation devices that help train and teach young people how to swim. But very few are customizable. A life jacket is essential until the new swimmer can go off independently without support, and they become a good swimmer. These images show several concepts of life jackets for beginners. All concepts offer full support, very good head support, and lots of room around the arms for movement. All concepts can be adjusted for growing. 

Concept 1 and Concept 2 have a wide neoprene band at the bottom of the jacket. The band is adjustable and can prevent the jacket from riding up when the swimmer is in the water.

Concept 3 has removeable foam. There are several layers of EPE foam in both the body and head support. Unzip either to reduce the amount of foam inside. A layer of foam can be removed one at a time, as the young swimmer improves their stroke and confidence, the boyancy is lightened.

LIFEJACKET 3-2 copy_edited.png
LIFEJACKET 3-4_edited.png
LIFEJACKET 1-6 copy.jpg
LIFEJACKET 3-1_edited.png
LIFEJACKET 4-1 copy_edited_edited.png
LIFEJACKET 4-5_edited.png
LIFEJACKET 4-7 copy_edited.png
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