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goodjoy hooking toothbrush- A toothbrush that hangs onto just about everything. The toothbrush is a collaborative design effort inspired by modern aesthetics and good hygiene. The brilliant design has a large hook at one end, and hangs just about anywhere – like a shower caddy or towel rack-- keeping it away from the gunky residues that often plague bathroom sinks. It is made from polypropylene plastic and is recyclable. Goodjoy is a small New York design studio founded on a twist of product fate, the Hooking Toothbrush. Believing that toothbrushes should not sit in a cup, but hang to dry because it is more hygienic. Since our invention was launched years ago goodjoy has designed several objects for the bathroom. For more information about the toothbrush and to buy one, visit the goodjoy website here.

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